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Fortnite: Vi will arrive at the title today, how to get the new LoL and Arcane skin? | LevelUp

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The popularity of Fortnite Y League of Legends It doesn’t stop growing, so Epic Games and Riot Games decided to come together in a very special collaboration for Battle Royale.

To celebrate the premiere of Arcane, popular animated series, Fortnite received content from League of Legends. In case you don’t remember, it was a package with a Jinx skin and other attractive accessories.

This collaboration is not over yet, so the Battle Royale now welcomed Vi, MOBA champion and one of the protagonists of Arcane. So players will be able to get their cool skin and more themed content very soon.

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So you can get Vi’s skin at Fortnite: Battle Royale

If you’re interested in Vi’s skin, keep in mind that it’s coming to the Battle Royale store today. Your outfit will be part of a new set Arcane: League of Legends, which will also include the Memories of Zaun backpack and the Piltover Keeper’s Hammer pickaxe.

To make matters worse, you will receive the Boxing Practice emote, with which Vi will demonstrate her combat skills. All content will be sold together in the Vi Arcane bundle, which will offer the Best of Piltover loading screen as an additional reward.

The content will arrive today at the Battle Royale store at 6:00 PM, Mexico City time. For now, the prices of the objects have not been revealed. Below I leave you a trailer and several images of the content:

Vi Content Pack for Fortnite
New loading screen Best of Piltover
New loading screen Best of Piltover

Jinx will return for a limited time to Fortnite: Battle Royale

To celebrate Vi’s arrival in the game, Epic Games decided to bring Jinx back. So you will have one more chance to purchase its content in the in-game store as well. Her outfit comes with Jinx’s Cymbal Monkey backpack and Pum-Pum Pulverizer pickaxe.

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Lastly, you’ll be rewarded with Playground Lobby Music, pulled directly from the Riot animated series. Below I leave you another image so you can see the Jinx content pack.

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