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Again? HITMAN Subreddit Closed Due to Fan Harassment and Toxicity | LevelUp

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Toxicity and harassment remain a constant problem in the industry. A certain sector of the community has not hesitated to annoy and attack developers left and right. This led, for example, to the temporary closure of the subreddit of Halo and the possibility that the same thing happened with the Battlefield 2042.

IO Interactive was now the target of this problem, because after the harassment of certain fans, the subreddit of HITMAN closed for a few hours. In case you don’t remember, some players are upset with the Steam version of HITMAN 3Well, for some reason they attacked the price of the game and remembered its previous exclusivity with the Epic Games store.

Some fans took this to the extreme and promoted bullying on the franchise’s subreddit. So the moderators took matters into their own hands and sent a message to the community.

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Subreddit of HITMAN temporarily closed due to fan harassment

The team of moderators behind the subreddit of HITMAN explained who have set the site to private for various reasons. Thus, it was inaccessible to most fans for a few hours until it reopened and a statement was issued about it.

It details that there was “targeted harassment” by certain users, as well as a security breach that made it difficult to effectively moderate the site for a while. The maintainers made it clear that IO Interactive had nothing to do with the temporary closure of the subreddit.

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“This decision was due to targeted harassment and a security breach that affected our ability to moderate the subreddit effectively and safely. IOI had no part in taking down the subreddit, this was entirely the moderators’ decision, and we are just fans like you volunteering our time to help,” the moderators commented.

They added that criticism is allowed on the subreddit, but that they will not tolerate any kind of bad behavior that goes against the rules of the site that everyone knows.

“Criticism is of course allowed, but not bullying and insults, according to the rules. Please include all your comments on this topic in this thread. New threads on this topic will be deleted, to keep the conversation going about HITMAN,” the statement concludes.

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HITMAN Trilogy It recently arrived on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. Look for more news about the saga at this link.

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