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After millionaire lawsuit, youtuber will have to move away from Roblox | LevelUp

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For a few months, the controversial youtuber Ruben Sims has been in the eye of the hurricane after allegedly leading a “cyber mafia” that harassed and annoyed young people who play Roblox, as well as sexually harass users. The company responsible for the platform was not going to remain open arms and quickly took action on the matter.

As we told you, the company sued the content creator in November 2021 for $1.6 million USD, an amount that was later reduced to $150,000 USD after a stipulated dual agreement order and the final judgment of the court. Ruben Sims addressed this issue in a video that he uploaded last week to his YouTube channel.

The court requires the youtuber to stay away from Roblox

Given his long and troubled history with the platform, the content creator was given a ban. We must remember that Roblox It’s a free app, so it’s easy to create a new account despite receiving a penalty. However, Roblox Corporation can suspend users’ IP address, which in theory prevents the creation of new profiles.

According to the company’s complaint, Ruben Sims managed to avoid multiple sanctions by hacking the platform and using other people’s accounts.

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With all this in mind, the court in Oakland, California, ordered the youtuber not to approach the digital platform. This according to court documents obtained by the portal Polygon.

Along with this court order and $150,000 in fines, Ruben Sims also agreed not to access the platform or make false statements about the game and its employees. Likewise, he promised not to publish any more false threats of terrorist activity that are related to Roblox.

The last point took on special importance in the original lawsuit. The YouTuber allegedly posted a message on Twitter suggesting that a terrorist attack would take place at the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco in October 2021. The tweet set off alarm bells and forced the event to have its start date postponed. .

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