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2Tomatoes specifies its novelties for the first quarter • Console and Dashboard

2Tomatoes It reviews all the games that we will see in this first quarter of 2022, within its catalog. The editorial includes reprints as well as novelties.


2Tomatoes reveals to us the four games that it will launch between February and March. will return to stores The Cousins’ War, through a reprint. On the other hand, we will see Karak, you don’t fuck with that Y Fort.

The Cousins’ War

During the month of February, 2Tomatoes will once again have The Cousins’ War in your catalog. We are facing a board game that proposes us to control England itself.

It takes as a reference the Wars of the Two Roses, carried out between the houses of York and Lancaster for more than three decades. Since they belonged to the royal family, the conflict was dubbed The War of the Cousins.

In the skin of a house, we will carry out intense battles for power. It can be enjoyed between 2 players, in 30-minute games. Indicated from the age of 12, it bears the signature of David J. Mortimer. Klemes Franz is in charge of the illustrations.



Also in February, we will put ourselves in the shoes of six heroes inside a labyrinth, changing in each game. We will have to discover it piece by piece, while facing fearsome monsters.

Equipping yourself with weapons and spells will be essential to collect treasures and, ultimately, for victory. At the end of the game, the winner will be the one who has accumulated the most treasure, crowning himself as the champion. They can participate in the competition from 2 to 5 players, in challenges of 45 minutes. Created by Roman Hladík and Petr Mikša, and illustrated by the former, it is indicated from the age of 7.

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That doesn't fuck with 2Tomatoes

you don’t fuck with that

“A game of black humor”. This is how this title is presented, whose launch is set for March. 2Tomatoes discovers it as an informal card game, with which to have a fun time with friends or family without great complications.

We will come across illnesses, multiple tragedies, death and the very Stephen Hawking. Specifically, we will move between sexually transmitted diseases, cannibalism, hemorrhoids and the death of loved ones.

Fort 2Tomatoes


Also in March, we will see the first edition in Spanish of Fort. It is defined as a card game of 2 to 4 participants that, as a child, proposes us to make friends.

We will not only have to grow our circle of friends, but stock up on toys and with pizza and, ultimately, create the best fort. The actions will be carried out by playing cards on the turn itself, although we can also lower them to take advantage of the opponents’ turns.

In this way, we will create our own gang or we will copy from all the plans. As a curiosity, our deck may lose cards if we do not use them. Created by Grant Rodiek and illustrated by Kyle Ferrin (Root), can be enjoyed from the age of 10, in meetings of 20 to 40 minutes.

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