Saturday, May 28

Twitter begins offering NFT on profile photos

  • Paying users of the social platform will be able to expose their certified digital assets to differentiate themselves from others

Twitter has kept its promises and from this Thursday allows its paying users to use NFT like your profile pictures. This technology, also known as non-fungible tokens, allows to certify the ownership of digital assets and thus revalue their value, which has opened the door to a business that moved more than 40,000 million dollars last year.

Users who want to show ownership of an NFT will need to link their wallet digital assets, What cryptocurrencies, to the platform. Profile photos that include certified digital assets will be in the form of hexagon, instead of the round images that appear on the profiles of other users. Thus, it seeks to distinguish between users.

This new feature will only be available to users of Twitter Blue, a paid service that gives its users access to exclusive features like this one.

In March, the platform’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, sold the first tweet in history as NFT. That is, this technology was used to register the image that contained the original tweet as something unique. Although buying a tweet may seem absurd, the exclusivity of ownership that NFTs allow means that its value can be appreciated. Dorsey’s message is still visible to everyone on Twitter, but only one person owns the official copy, which ended up selling at auction for $2.9 million.

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Although its promoters defend that NFTs will revolutionize digital art and will be key to the internet of the future, critics point out that it is a speculative bubble without regulation or security mechanisms for small investors.

Just this week it was announced that Meta is also looking to capitalize on this growing digital phenomenon and enable the creation, exposure and sale of NFTs both online and offline. Facebook like in Instagram.

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