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Total War: ROME – The Board Game is funded by Gamefound • Console and Board

35 minutes and 57 seconds. It’s how long it took Total War: ROME – The Board Game to be financed in Gamefound. The campaign has just started, so there are still days left to support the project.


PSC Games is in charge of the project, whose arrival is set for February 2023. Created by Simon Hall, we are facing an adaptation of the strategic video game with the same title.

to enjoy between 1 and 4 players, in games of 150 minutes duration, is indicated from 14 years. In the skin of the leaders of Rome, Carthage, Greece and Gaul, we will try to develop our faction and conquer new territories.

We will recruit powerful armies, with which to face the enemies in what promise to be some intense battles. Of course, we will put into practice the art of trade, construction and espionage. Riots will also be part of the experience.

Board, cards, dice and miniatures make up the proposal, which has the collaboration of Creative Assembly. The challenge takes place in rounds. Each consists of five phases. We’ll auction off the initiative, then complete the agent, tax, campaign, and spend phases.

The mission in each of them is to prepare our faction for domination. After determining who the starting player is, it’s time to send our boys to the map. Aided by cards, we will resort to riots, bribes, kill enemies, and trade with allies.

Controlled territories will influence tax collection. Already in the campaign, the real action will unfold, taking control of neutral territories (without taking your eyes off the tribes) and attacking the enemy. Of course, the defense will not be lacking.

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For him combat, we will secretly select the units and roll the dice. To finish, we will spend the gold simultaneously to get new units, to train generals and to build markets, barracks and walls, among other possibilities.

As the editorial reminds, the paths to victory are many. We can be a tyrant, dominating the territory, or resort to politics as a trick. Alliances may translate into protection for neighbors. Naturally, we are not obliged to resort to them.

The financing search campaign, initially scheduled for November of last year, has started in January to offer a game to match. It can be purchased for 90 euros at Gamefound, in a reward consisting of game and extras unlocked.

Increasing this amount, we find different expansions (with their factions), metal coins or construction miniatures. We must bear in mind that it is a game in English.

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