Saturday, October 1

Toni Kroos complains in networks about a non-existent foul: “Yellow card, of course”




Ethe match between Elche and Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey he left several controversial plays. One of them was the one that caused Toni Kroos saw a yellow card.

The German player was fighting for a ball in the 78th minute of the match with Tete Morente, when the light still reflected a goalless tie, and the braid showed him the card for an action that does not seem like a foul.

That’s how I reflected Jorge Figueroa Vzquez in the minutes of the match: “In the 78th minute the player Toni Kroos was cautioned for the following reason: making gestures as a sign of disagreement with one of my decisions”. The card, therefore, came more because of the protest than because of the action itself, where it seems that the Elche player falls due to inertia rather than due to strong contact with the Madrid player.

Midfielder Complaint

“Yellow card, of course”, put the midfielder sarcastically on social networks to comment on a tweet where it was shown with a video that he was not deserving of a foul. Despite the complaints, Kroos turned to Madrid with a yellow card in his bag.

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