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They reconvert the original headquarters of Nintendo into a luxurious hotel that will open its doors in April

The original nintendo headquarters It has been converted into a hotel that they have baptized as Marufukuro and that will open its doors in April, although rooms can already be reserved. As reported from VGC, the hotel has received the name of Marufukuro in honor of one of Nintendo’s previous brands (Marufuku Nintendo Company was the company created by the Japanese company in 1947 to sell playing cards) and have 18 comfortable rooms for your guests.

Although the building is now considered to be the original headquarters of Nintendo, it has not always been considered as such. This is because one of the halves of the wooden building that served as the original headquarters of the Big N was redesigned in 1933 to turn it into a somewhat more modern building, while the other half was demolished after the reform. As we have already highlighted, the hotel consists of 18 rooms and seven suites, in addition to two main buildings: one is the original Nintendo with an interior decorated in the style of its time, while the other is much more modern and has more amenities.

Nintendo and its headquarters changes over the years

The building was Nintendo’s headquarters until 1959, at which point the company decided to move to a new building where it remained until the year 2000. The building that Nintendo is currently in houses both the Nintendo research center as the Club Nintendo quality control team, although the company has recently announced that it will take advantage of the empty land around it to expand its video game development team. As a curiosity, it should be noted that Nintendo is still in the playing card business today, to the point that it organizes tournaments for fans.

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