Saturday, October 1

The best video game deals of the week on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, XSX and Switch

Last Friday we launched a new section in Vandal, a weekly news and video with video game offers that we are going to publish just before the weekend, the perfect period to play since we usually have more free time to turn on our computer, PS5, XSX/S or Nintendo Switch to enjoy our favorite games.

As always, a little further down you will find a video in which we briefly talk about the 10 games on sale that we have chosen for you, including both titles that have been with us for a while as well as some games that have not yet gone on sale but that we can already buy at a reduced price. inside video:

The 10 best video game deals for the next few days

To make it easier for you to find these offers, here are direct links to the games and the platform they are available on. Also, if you want too you can use the news as a meeting point for the Vandal community to share other offers for the next few days in the comments:

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