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Sony would lose a million a year if Call of Duty becomes an Xbox exclusive | LevelUp

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Earlier this week, Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for around $70 million. While the effects of this unprecedented move remain to be seen, it was to be expected that some players would express concern about the future of the Bobby Kotick-led company’s franchises.

One of the sagas whose destiny hangs in the balance is Call of Duty, which enjoys great popularity and acceptance on PlayStation platforms. Of course, becoming an Xbox system exclusive would represent a resounding blow to fans and the industry in general. And of course, Sony would also see significant effects on its annual income.

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To measure the impact that a hypothetical exclusivity of the Activision Blizzard war saga would have, financial experts such as CitiGroup carried out a series of calculations to estimate the economic losses that Sony would experience in the event that this premise materializes and the games of Call of Duty may not see the light of day on PlayStation systems in the future.

According to the calculations of expert financiers (via TweakTown), Sony could lose between $87.5 million and $262.6 million a year. This, of course, if new deliveries of Call of Duty they do not reach PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 consoles.

The above would not be unreasonable. After all, the war saga is one of the most important sales pillars for the Japanese company’s consoles.

Will Call of Duty say goodbye to PlayStation?

Now then, the new installments of Call of Duty will no longer debut on PlayStation systems? Of course, it is still too early to answer this question. The uncertainty was such that even Sony asked Microsoft to ensure that Activision games remain under the cross-platform model.

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Given this, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, wanted to calm the concerns of the community and assured that he wants to keep the saga Call of Duty on PlayStation. Of course, the creative did not commit to anything in his statements, so it will be interesting to discover what will happen in the future.

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But tell us, do you think the games in the franchise will be exclusive to Xbox? Let us read you in the comments.

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