Friday, September 30

Sony registers a new patent for a controller that has protection for its sticks

Sony would be looking for a way to make its controllers even more comfortable than they already are. A new patent filed by the company (via Coindipender), shows us what would become a common control, although with the possibility to fold the control levers. Everything indicates that the main objective of this command will be to protect analog sticks dirt as well as possible unwanted knocks. Next we leave you with the two images published together with the patent; As you can see, the command in question little or nothing resembles the DualSense.

“A controller, thumbstick or system comprising a body of thumbstick, an axis of thumbstick attached to the body of thumbstick in which the axis of thumbstick is configured to retract into the body of thumbstick and in which the body of thumbstick and the axis of thumbstick can rotate freely together around a pivot center inside the controller body”, we can read in the patent that was initially presented on June 22, 2021 and its public on January 13. Broadly speaking, as we have already highlighted, the controller will include as standard what will be its own protective grips. Although the patent is official and has been filed by Sony itself, it does not mean that this controller may appear in the future; Numerous patents are registered daily and, as a general rule, very few ever materialize in real products.

Other patents filed by Sony in recent months

Of all the big companies that are involved in the world of video games, Sony is one of the ones that has been registering the most patents during the last year. One of the most recent patents points to a backward compatibility system specifically designed for PS4 and PS5, while we can also find a very interesting patent for PlayStation VR2 that would allow scan real-life objects to translate them into video games. But this is not all, since Sony also patented a control with a design very similar to that of the DualShock 4 oriented to mobile devices, in addition to a curious artificial intelligence system that allows adapt the difficulty for each player.

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