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PUBG Mobile esports will experiment with a franchise format | LevelUp

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Tencent knows that PUBG-Mobile is an extremely popular game and this is why you want your competitive scene to shine. To achieve this, it is necessary to find the ideal format and that is why it is open to experimenting with franchises.

Recently, Tencent revealed its plans for the competitive scene of PUBG-Mobile in 2022. The interesting thing is that several changes are at the door of the competitive ecosystem. The most striking is that they want to test a franchise model for their competitive scene.

Thus, tournaments in the South Asian region of PUBG-Mobile they will be developed with a franchise model starting in the second half of the year. According to James Yang, global director of the competitive scene with franchises of PUBG-Mobile it will be more open than other games.

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Another important point is that they want the teams to feel like shareholders of the competition: “The professional teams can participate in the business. They will also invest and support the game, and they will get a part of what we earn. This way, they not only become a [competidor], but they are also a shareholder,” Yang said.

At the moment there are no more details about the plans that Tencent has for the competitive scene of PUBG-Mobile. That said, it seems that their goal is to be an open league that teams can get promoted to through lower level competition.

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What do you think about this new? Do you think that this way the competitive league of PUBG-Mobile? Tell us in the comments.

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