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Netflix believes that purchase of Activision Blizzard supports its business model | LevelUp

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Netflix has ambitious plans to fully enter the video game industry; however, its strategy will be consolidated little by little and we will see results in a few years. Despite this, the company is aware of everything that happens in the market, so it was not indifferent to the recent purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.

In its most recent earnings report, Netflix dedicated a space to talk about its video game project. He delved a little deeper into his long-term plans to offer gamers engaging experiences with in-house productions.

He also talked about what a sale like Activision Blizzard implies and how Microsoft’s moves reinforce the service subscription model, which may become the industry standard in the not too distant future.

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This is Netflix’s opinion on the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft

Greg Peters, director of operations and product at Netflix, described Microsoft’s latest move into the market as exciting. He stated that they will also continue working to increase their portfolio of franchises in order to offer more and more video games to their customers.

One of its goals for this year is to release more titles from various genres, as well as casual experiences. This while they continue to plan their entire strategy whose ideal goal is to have internal development capacity to create their own titles.

Peters thinks that the purchase of Activision Blizzard in a way supports them, knowing that Microsoft is looking for the studio’s content to strengthen Xbox Game Pass. So the acquisition shows how important the subscription model will be in the future of the industry.

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“And I think that, to some extent, it’s an endorsement of the core thesis that we have about subscription as a great model for connecting consumers around the world with games and gaming experiences,” said the Netflix executive.

He also made it clear that their project is still in an early phase, so they are experimenting to find the best way to connect with players and their tastes. This implies that they are willing to give up licenses to create titles.

“We’re open to licensing, access to big game IP that people will recognize. And I think you’re going to see some of that over the next year… we’ve been building in parallel what I’m really excited about, which is the guy of in-house development capacity, our own game studio. We’ve been hiring incredible talent who bring a set of experiences to this process,” Peters concluded.

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We invite you to visit this link to learn more about Netflix and its plans to enter the video game industry.

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