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Mystery King is the image of WWE 2K22 and the game already has a release date | LevelUp

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After an unexpected stumble when dealing with a franchise under the control of 2K Sports, WWE 2K He went into rest to regain strength and everything indicated that 2022 would be the year of his return and the beginning of his path to redemption. If you are a fan of this franchise inspired by professional wrestling in the United States, it is time to celebrate because today new and very important information about WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K is back and Rey Misterio is the athlete on the cover

Through a press release, 2K Sports revealed that the athlete on the cover of WWE 2K22 is Rey Misterio, nephew of Mexican wrestler Miguel Ángel López Díaz, from whom he took his name, and who has performed in North American wrestling as well as at times in Mexican wrestling. The occasion could not be better, because this year Rey Misterio is celebrating 20 years of career and 2K Sports considered that there was no better time to pay due tribute than with WWE 2K22.

Mystery King in WWE 2K22

Know the versions in which it will be available WWE 2K22

According to official information, WWE 2K22 will debut on March 11 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC with the following physical and digital editions:

  • Standard: its price will be $59.99 USD on last generation and $69.99 USD on current generation of consoles
  • Crossgen: its price will be $79.99 USD, it will include the standard version but it will be playable on previous and new generation consoles, in addition to offering a Mystery King content pack
  • Deluxe Edition: its price will be $99.99 USD and will include all the previous content plus an Undertaker pack, a season pass for 5 subsequent DLCs, as well as content and points for the different game modes
  • nWo Edition: its price will be $119.99 USD and will include the previous content, as well as special packs inspired by the faction that gives it its name
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nWo en WWE 2K22
nWo en WWE 2K22

Finally, 2K Sports reported that WWE 2K22 It will feature a revamped graphics engine, the same gameplay situation, graphic fidelity, and attention to detail. Also, this installment will include traditional game modes and new ones such as MyGM, where we will take on the role of a general manager looking to create a new and important brand in WWE, and MyFACTION, where we can bring together the fighters of our dreams in a team to fight in special events.

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