Sunday, September 25

Meridiem Games announces the physical edition of Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands • Console and Board

Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands It will have a physical edition on Nintendo Switch. This is confirmed by Meridiem Games, responsible for distribution in Spain. The release is set for March 10.


Meridiem Games collects the content of this physical edition, detailed by Microids Indie. Thus, we know that it will consist of the game itself, a logo patch, two winter postcards and a set of stickers.

What is defined as a refreshing and relaxing game will allow us to ski and snowboard in the mountains. Toppluva, its developers, give shape to an open world game, where you can explore the environment and overcome hundreds of challenges.

To date, it has had more than eight million players. The physical edition, in addition to including content for collectors, offers a extended and improved version. The graphics have changed, while realism has been added to the artificial intelligence, a local multiplayer and more mountains, among other content.

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