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Logitech introduces the Studio Series Pop Mouse and Keyboard

The Logitech company today presents a surprising keyboard and mouse set, with a very innovative and original aesthetic. It’s about the keyboard Pop Keys and Pop Mouse To which is added the Logitech Desk Mat, which is integrated into the brand’s Studio series. According to the company, the design of this mechanical mouse and keyboard has been made with the renewal of the workspace in mind, with three designs that will undoubtedly surprise consumers, and so it is predicted Art O’Gnimh, vice president of creativity and productivity at Logitech: “With POP Keys and POP Mouse, we’ve created innovative products that aim to be as expressive as our users, with great personality, and without compromising productivity.”

Maximum customization

The keyboard includes eight keys emoji interchangeable on the case and four on the keyboard itself. They can be easily customized by choosing the emoji favorite, or through the software Logitech Options, available as a download for PC or Mac. For its part, the mouse has a top button that opens the menu of emoji and can be customized to make it more comfortable.

The retro-styled Pop Keys feature comfortable mechanical keys reminiscent of a typewriter and next-generation features. Its 12 new FN shortcuts include keys to capture the screen, mute the microphone and commands to facilitate work in the office. With this keyboard, the typing experience is fun and very curious, thanks to the mechanical keys that offer more comfort due to their special rounded shape.

Light and efficient mouse

With a nice and compact shape, the mouse is characterized by its portability. It allows you to work in different spaces and surfaces with optimal productivity thanks to the Smartwheel, which automatically switches from high precision mode to fast scrolling. Its smooth body fits well in the palm of your hand, to help you work better. It is available in different colors.

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With the download of software Options, you can use your device with Logitech Flow, a feature that lets you easily copy and paste text, files, and images between computers.


Both products adhere to the multi-connectivity philosophy, connecting to up to three devices at once via Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt wireless receiver. Each of them has the promise of durability and long battery life, something that is already common in the brand’s products.

Pop Keys and Pop Mouse are the latest addition to the renowned Studio series, which also includes the minimalist Pebble mouse, K580 and K380 keyboards, and the new Logitech Desk Mat.

The keyboard works with macOS, Windows, iOS, ipadOS, Chrome OS, and Android; while the mouse works with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

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The products will go on sale this January at €99.99 for the keyboard, €39.99 for the mouse and €19.99 for the Desk Mat.

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