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It’s official: players will be able to choose their pronouns in The Sims 4 | LevelUp

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In recent years, inclusion has become a major issue in the entertainment industry. Of course, video games are no exception, which is why more and more people from various groups want developers to respect and reflect their ideologies in games. In that line, The Sims 4 will add a long-awaited feature by members of the LGBTQIA+ community in the future.

The Sims 4 It has already received dozens of updates since its original release in 2015 that added some inclusive options for players to identify with their avatars and the virtual environment. However, the community considers that there is still a lack of tools to achieve greater representation.

As we told you, a few months ago a fan launched a petition for Maxis Label, the studio behind the video game, to incorporate the option of selecting pronouns when creating a character. The petition caught the attention of the community and was quickly able to gather thousands of signatures.

Non-binary and transgender people will be able to select their pronouns in The Sims 4

The developers have been working on custom pronouns for a few months now, and during a recent live stream, they discussed the progress they’ve already made and shared the first glimpse of this long-awaited new feature.

Designer Alister Lee explained that on the Create-A-Sim screen of The Sims 4, players will be able to select the 3 grammatical forms of their pronouns. Thus, the drop-down menu will show the following options (in English): They/Them/Their, She/Her/Hers and He/Him/His.

The Sims 4

One of the challenges of implementing this function is the translation, because we must remember that The Sims 4 accepts a total of 18 different languages.

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As Verónica Morales, localization leader, revealed, there are some cultural and regulatory considerations in each region that must be taken into account when applying the feature. This, as expected, entails a linguistic and research challenge.

However, the developers are not ready to throw in the towel. During a conversation posted on the Sims Community, Rachel Gilbert, designer of The Sims, spoke about the importance of this function.

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“I just think adding pronouns to the game will make [The Sims 4] feel even more welcoming and friendly. It’s really valuable to see your pronouns, I really can’t stress that enough. It’s reassuring and it’s like a little checkbox: we’re all okay here, we know who we are,” Rachel Gilbert said.

Custom pronouns are in development, although Maxis Lebel did not provide a release window. John Faciane, producer of The Sims 4, assured that the study will continue its research with the support of LGBTQIA+ non-profit organizations such as It Gets Better.

But tell us, what do you think of this initiative? Let us read you in the comments.

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