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Inevitable! Meta would be working on its strategy for NFTs | LevelUp

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“The future is today, you heard old man”, that is the phrase that we will perhaps hear and read more and more in the face of the sudden rise of NFTs, previously marked by the cryptocurrency fever. The detail in question is that the expectation was in the posture and actions of the large companies and more and more have confirmed that they will take that path. In the framework of this, many wait for what happens with Meta and apparently it could be confirmed soon.

Meta, sooner or later, will present its NFT strategy

According to information from sources who opted for anonymity with the Financial TimesMeta, what we used to know as Facebook, is already preparing its NFTs strategy and will enter fully through the services it has. In this sense, it is mentioned that Meta is developing a plan to create, display and sell NFTs on Facebook and Instagram, 2 of its main platforms in terms of visibility and that lend themselves to a market for non-fungible tokens.

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NFTs on Facebook and Instagram can be bought and sold with Novi

In this regard, sources point out that Meta’s NFT strategy on Facebook and Instagram will be anchored to the Novi payment platform, also owned by the company, which allows money transfer operations to be carried out easily, in fact it is considered that the facility to send or receive money is equivalent to doing the same with a message.

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So far, there is no official information about Meta’s intentions regarding NFTs, but considering that it will be the main company that will drive the metaverse, it is emerging as something inevitable that will have to be made public sooner rather than later.

In information related to NFTs, it recently emerged that the Troy Baker-supported service Voiceverse used third-party technology to promote its tokens. On the other hand, the reddit co-founder pointed out that games that are based on NFTs will be the future.

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