Sunday, September 25

GAME and its flash offer for a limited time: Halo Infinite for 34.95 euros

Offered by GAME Spain.

The GAME store chain has announced one of its Flash Offers, which this time features the latest adventure of the Master Chief. make yourself with Halo Infinite for only 34.95 (RRP=69.95) for a limited time, both in stores and on the website. Hurry up! The offer is only available until January 23 or end of stock.

Also, by getting Halo Infinite in GAME, you get an exclusive DLC as a gift, which includes:

  • An emblem.
  • Badge Name.
  • Zeta Sky Armor Coating.

So now you know! Do not miss this Flash GAME Offer and do now with Halo Infinite before it is too late.

An Epic Halo Adventure

the legendary series Halo returns with the most extensive Master Chief campaign to date and an innovative multiplayer experience. When all hope is lost the fate of humanity is at stake, the Master Chief is ready to fight. Suit up for an epic adventure and finally explore the vast magnitude of the Halo ring. In addition, the beloved multiplayer mode of Halo. Seasonal updates evolve the experience with unique events, new modes and maps, and community-focused content.

Tailor your Spartan to your preferences with a deep character customization system. Obtain and discover new cosmetic items by playing the campaign and multiplayer and if you want to get more rewards, buy the permanent battle pass to unlock new content at your own pace.

It’s about the best Halo of the last years and adapts its universe to the open world, as well as offering new tools for combat or exploration such as a hook that makes shooting more creative and exciting.

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