Sunday, December 4

Epic will give away DAEMON X MACHINA next week • Console and Dashboard

DAEMON X MACHINA It will be free on the Epic Games Store from January 27 to February 3. Currently, as planned, we can get hold of Abandoned without costs.


Abandoned, the current free game, can be obtained free of charge until January 27, at five in the afternoon. It is enough to locate it in the digital store and complete the purchase, for zero euros. It will be ours forever.

From first-person puzzles we’ll move on to post-apocalyptic action with DAEMON X MACHINA, from the hands of Marvelous Inc. and XSEED Games. On board a giant customizable robot, we will join the fight for defense of humanity. Life is in danger because of some corrupt machines and other huge robots.

On the battlefield, we will experience “frenzied and exciting” combat, as those responsible promise. We will adjust our needs to the maximum, thanks to the extensive customization of weapons and parts. We will be able to recover the ones that the enemies lose and use them in the same combat. It offers online co-op, among other options.

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