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Elden Ring: Mysterious runes discovered on the beta map

Elden Ring, the new title by FromSoftware, is one of the most anticipated releases by players. The game will be released next February 25 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles and, since there is little more than a month left for its premiere, leaks and the revelation of secret details are the order of the day. Although its character editor was leaked at the beginning of the month, recently a group of players has thoroughly analyzed the map that some users were able to test during the closed beta and certain secrets have been discovered. Below we will detail the information collected by the group without spoilers of the story.

As highlighted from Eurogamer, the files extracted from the closed test include a part of the map of the areas known as Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula. Investigating these locations, players have found various runes scattered in some key areas. At first glance, the group believed that the runes were part of a fictional language created specifically for the game. However, the members of the group have discovered that the runes are part of the Yi writing system, which is standardized in the Liangshan region.

The runes hide secret messages in Japanese

Why the development team of Elden Ring have you chosen to use the Yi script in the game? Players speculate that this is so since writing is mostly unknown and that its use is largely relegated to priests, so it gives a touch of mystery to the game. However, their research has gone further to the point where they have discovered that the developers have used the Yi alphabet to spell japanese words. From this point on, if you want to know more details about the meaning of these words, you can watch the attached video, although we warn you that it could contain spoilers.

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