Friday, September 30

EA would be disappointed with the sales of Battlefield 2042 and would study ‘all options’

The complaints with the beta and the negative response in the release of Battlefield 2042 They would not have liked Electronic Arts at all. Although it would have sold 4.23 million copies in its week, this data does not reflect the returns and in any case it will be below the expectations of the publisher, who is “very disappointed”, as reported by Tom Henderson.

Electronic Arts will be studying “all options” to give a second chance to Battlefield 2042, including the possibility of turning it into a free game or free to play -or at least, certain ways-. Henderson will give some more details in the next few hours about this information.

Player reviews on Steam are “Mostly Negative” and DICE has seen major changes in the studio in recent months, including the departure of some officials; Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella has become the new head of Battlefield.

A Battlefield focused on online gaming

“Is it fun? Yes. Does it have good maps? Yes. I’m going to like it if I’m a fan of the saga? Yes. Does it have bugs at launch? Yes (although it’s completely playable and we’ve had a pretty good time playing it, mind you). missing content? Yes. We have no doubt that Battlefield 2042 it comes out earlier than it should, that it is a game with a lot of potential that still needs a few months of development to reach its maximum level”, we told in his analysis.

“In fact, we are sure that as the weeks and months go by the quality of the title will increase and we will find ourselves with a remarkable installment for fans of the saga, but for now, we have a few modes of game with Hazard Zone to the rescue, a sparse variety of maps in its core experiences, and fun left in the hands of the community thanks to Battlefield Portal, the lifesaver of this installment at the level of content that will sustain it for the next few weeks thanks to the work of the fans”.

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