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Dragon Age 4 will still take more than a year to launch, according to sources

bioware not release Dragon Age 4 this year and not expected until at least summer 2023, according to has informed Jeff Grubb after a comment from the also insider Tom Henderson. In a Twitter message, the journalist assures that a source familiar with EA’s plans says that ‘no way’ Dragon Age 4 be ready in 2022.

Grubb remembers that last July he mentioned 2023 as the most probable date and that “a summer release is the earliest date”But even that isn’t guaranteed and it’s more of a wish than the actual goal.

Its long development has gone through several phases and it is currently a single-player role-playing adventure with a lot of narrative. “It may seem obvious, but EA definitely considered at some point an online and connected service model for this sequel. They dropped the concept quickly and the team has worked for over a year to design a faithful sequel to the previous ones. Dragon AgeGrubb recalls. The commercial failure of Anthem and the success of a traditional game –Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order– have been key to not conducting experiments with Dragon Age.

A sequel that has evolved over the years

That doesn’t mean we won’t hear from the game throughout the year. Electronic Arts has not decided when to start the promotional campaign for Dragon Age 4, of which we have seen brief teasers, Y A first in-depth look at the summer events cannot be ruled out.whether or not there is E3- or in December during The Game Awards.

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EA posted a message in December stating that they are “hard at work developing the next game single-player experience.” Dragon Age” and that “them excited to be able to talk more about the project next year [por 2022]“.

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