Wednesday, September 28

Comparativa de Rainbow Six Extraction en PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One y PC

Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft’s new commitment to cooperative multiplayer, is now available on all platforms: it was published yesterday, January 20, on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, being available from day one on Xbox GamePass. Taking advantage of this launch, the youtuber spanish The Bit Analyst has published a technical analysis on his channel where, as usual, he puts all the versions of the new game in the saga face to face Rainbow Six.

Thanks to this technical analysis we have been able to know one of the most anticipated details: its resolution. Before its launch there was talk that it would aim to achieve 4K and 60fps on next-gen consoles, and according to this video PS5 and Xbox Series X versions run at around 2160p dynamic (somewhat better in the Microsoft console) in which that rate of 60 images per second is maintained. On PC you can play at a fixed resolution of 2160p, while on Xbox Series S it reaches the top of the console, that is, 1440p at 60 fps.

FPS mode, resolution on PS4 and Xbox One, long loading times…

On next-gen consoles Rainbow Six Extraction has a graphical mode that limits the resolution at 1080p to guarantee a stability of 60 fps, improving reflections, shadows and lighting, but according to the author of the video it is not worth playing with that mode activated. The last generation consoles they vary between the lower resolutions of the standard versions of PS4 (dynamic 1080p) and Xbox One (dynamic 900p) and the enhanced versions, i.e. PS4 Pro (dynamic 1440p) and Xbox One X (dynamic 1800p). Of course, in terms of fluidity, they all remain at 30 fps.

At a general level, The Bits Analyst ensures that Ubisoft has done a solid job, but with little use of the new generation consoles. Aim at the loading times as the main negative point, since they seem to be too high. It is also noted that on consoles the field of view (FOV) cannot be modified, while on PC it can be adjusted up to 90, and that the framerate It is stable on all platforms.

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