Wednesday, September 28

Beyond a Steel Sky shares a new dev diary • Console and Dashboard

It does not matter that Beyond a Steel Sky is out now: continue with your development diaries. It’s up to the third part, of more than five minutes. After reviewing the artwork and lore, it’s the turn of social issues.


Revolution Software brings to life a 3D adventure set in a futuristic world. With artificial intelligence ever present, we’re on a mission to uncover the devastating truths behind a conspiracy.

We will sabotage the world and hack the systems in what is known as the sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky. Our protagonist is Robert Foster, who is looking for a kidnapped child to return him to his home. Your journey will take you to one of the few remaining megacities in a world devastated by war and political collapse.

It is said that people live happily in Union City, under the control of an artificial intelligence, but the reality seems to be very different… It is one of the explanations of this new development diary, where those responsible confess to having based it on the idea of ​​the American psychologist Maslow, conceived in the forties .

With it would come a pyramid of the hierarchy of needs, capable of satisfying basic, psychological, and self-actualization needs. The concept is represented in the video game by The Council, with its ministries of Abundance, Comfort, Security, Aspiration, and Well-Being.

It explores what happens once all the needs of Maslow’s pyramid are satisfied. The aspiration, the piracy, the drama, the humor, the narrative, the puzzles and the actions of the player transforming the world make up this proposal, now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y Nintendo Switch. The physical edition on consoles, in Spain, is handled by Meridiem Games.

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