Tuesday, October 4

Alexa, from Amazon, suffers a general fall in Spain and other countries

Amazon virtual assistant Alexa, has suffered a general drop in its service in several countries such as Spain, Germany and Italy, in the early hours of this Friday morning.

This error in the operation has been confirmed by the company, which has responded through its Twitter account Amazon Help to several of those affected, who pointed out that Alexa had problems understanding their requests.

“Our technical department is already working to solve the problem, Thank you very much for reporting.” It can be read in the Amazon publication on said social network.

The complaints of this and other users have been supported by the comments of others on the website DownDectector, specialized in analyzing and reporting operating problems on these platforms.

The incidents reported in countries such as Spain, United States, Italy, Germany or India indicate that the highest point of the fall has taken place around 9:30 am (Spanish peninsular time).

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However, after these maintenance tasks, Amazon has updated the status of its services on its website, where it is ensured that all of them work normally.

It should be remembered that Alexa works on all smart speakers of the brand, Amazon Echo, and integrates with other compatible equipment, such as home appliances, televisions or clocks.


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