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You are crying! Player honors his deceased pet in Pokémon GO | LevelUp

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Grieving is a process that everyone lives differently and many players have taken advantage of their love of video games to help them cope with a bad time. The most recent case involves a user of Pokémon GO who found in this title the way to deal with the loss of his beloved pet and whose memory now lives on in one of the creatures.

Pokémon GO help a player deal with the death of their pet

Through a post on reddit, a player from Pokémon GO He shared part of the grieving process he has gone through after his dog, Roscoe, died in November of last year. Losing a pet is always difficult, but in the case of this user, the pain has been more bearable thanks to the gesture of one of his friends who decided to give him a Shiny-type Poochyena so that he would keep in mind the memory of the pet, taking advantage of the fact that This Pokémon looks like a puppy and in its Shiny version it is golden, just like Roscoe who was a Golden Retriever.

The publication in honor of Rosceo and his memory in a Poochyena of Pokémon GO excited other users who revealed that they have named some of their favorite creatures as they called their pets and now the Niantic game makes them feel close to their animals.

Undoubtedly, these forms of entertainment can also account for events of this type that, although painful, are peculiar. An example of this is what some parents did who had a tombstone made in the shape of a Yu-Gi-Oh! for his deceased son.

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