Saturday, October 1

Winter Ember specifies its arrival platforms • Console and Dashboard

In 2019, Sky Machine Studios and Blowfish Studios presented Winter Ember, stealth game in a Victorian setting. At the time, we didn’t know their launch platforms, but now we do: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


It will be during the second quarter of this year when it opens on computers and consoles. Thus, before the hottest months arrive, we will have action and stealth in the skin of a faceless man.

Our task will be to shed light on the mysterious plot that made our family disappear from the history books. Apparently, a militant religious hell, hell-bent on maintaining control, will have a lot to do with it… This will mean going into the shadows and draw the sword.

As the only survivor of a massacre, we will seek revenge, as well as our style of play. Everything will have consequences. Knocking out enemies means they get up sooner or later; a cut on the neck would leave a dangerous bloodstain on the carpet. With this, in addition to moving with great care, it will not hurt to get rid of the bodies.

As its managers recall, the experimentation becomes key with its more than 30 arrows to make. They will serve to blind the opponent, to poison him or to use them as a tool to access high areas. We will find three skill trees: stealth, combat and utilities.

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