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Windows 11 is giving Task Manager a sleek new design

Task Manager is one of the most useful Windows apps that works just like it always has in Windows 11. But Task Manager’s design so far has been a holdover from Windows 10, so it clashes with the modern look of Windows 10. new operating system.

Fortunately, Task Manager will soon get a new look that brings it in line with the overall sleek aesthetic of Windows 11. And you can take a look at what’s coming in the latest Windows Insider build.

The new Task Manager is hidden inside Windows 11 preview build 22538, which was made available to members of the Windows Insider Program yesterday (January 19). The new Task Manager moves the tabs that normally rest at the top of the window to the left side. The window also has a Mica blur and is in dark mode. However, the list of processes looks the same as before.

Twitter user Xenon shared these images of the new Task Master (via XDA Developers).

The new Task Manager is officially coming soon. #WindowsInsiders 19, 2022

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As mentioned above, the new Task Manager is currently hidden. XDA Developers notes that you can enable the new Task Manager through a program called ViveTool that allows you to run hidden Windows functions. Please note that running this program may affect the stability of your system.

The new Task Manager is in a very early stage of development and will undoubtedly receive improvements and updates in the coming months. We’re not sure when it will be available to Insiders or the general public. But so far, we like the look of the new Task Manager, as it fits in with the stripped-down look of Windows 11.

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Insider Program release updates to the Windows volume bar and the Alt+Tab command. We expect this to continue until all legacy Windows programs have a unified look and feel.

As we’ve said in previous reports, there are still a number of Windows 11 programs that retain outdated designs left over from Windows 10. Yes, the programs work as they should, but they feel like relics compared to things like the newly redesigned taskbar. But Microsoft seems intent on continuing to update Windows 11, so it’s only a matter of time until the operating system has a consistent look and feel for all of its programs and features.

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