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This is how the world of The Waylanders will change when it launches on PC on February 2

There are less than two weeks left for the Spanish role-playing game The Waylanders leave your development phase in early access: be the day February 2 when Gato Studio publishes version 1.0 of this ambitious title on PC. be available through Steam Y GOG, a digital distribution platform where you can already buy it and, in fact, at a lower price: currently the version early access can be purchased for 34.99 which will increase to the 39,99 the day of its launch, although it will have a 10% discount for the first two weeks.

when it’s published The Waylanders On February 2, players will not only be able to enjoy what’s new in this version, but also a changed world from what they saw in Early Access: this second act takes a time jump and goes from the Celtic era to the medieval “where the stone has taken over the space of the enchanted forests, and humanity has occupied the lands once inhabited by mythological creatures”, explain those responsible.

This is how the world has changed The Waylanders

The world of The Waylanders has lived a jump a thousand years into the future, which has caused changes not only in the setting, but also in the characters and companions: “The mortal companions of the Celtic era have long since passed away, and the immortal friends have lived more than a thousand years on their own. The first task when reaching the future be rebuild the team of heroes that will accompany you in the rest of the adventure”. Gato Studio has published two videos today showing us the changes that two of the game’s characters have undergone: the druid Amergin and the immortal seer moure Nazhedja.

“The second act of The Waylanders it’s about rediscovery,” says Fernando Prieto, from Wild Cat: “From the changes in the land and the rise of new factions, to reincarnated characters and transformed companions. Many things will be different from previous experience. We’re excitedly awaiting the community’s response to all the changes we’re proposing to the world of The Waylanders, regarding what they have explored in the last year and a half.”

The Waylanders arrive the February 2 to PC via Steam Y GOG


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