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The Settlers: 7 minutes of gameplay • Console and Dashboard

The Settlers it’s news again. A few days ago, Ubisoft specified details of its long-awaited proposal. It is now when we approach its gameplay, from the hand of its own developers.


The video, over 7 minutes long, immerses us in the ins and outs of what promises to be one of the great comebacks of recent times. To the sound of a charming melody, we enter through beautiful natural landscapes.

As Creative Director Christian Hagedorn points out, this is the culmination of an entire team effort. The goal seems clear: transfer the values ​​of the series to a modern game. With the strategy always present, we discover your system of infrastructure and economy, with which to create powerful armies capable of defeating opponents.

We will gather resources, build bases, create paths and try to make settlements progress. Thanks to the new class of unit, the engineer will be able to build buildings, claim territories, search for new underground deposits and, ultimately, interact with the map.

For its part, the map will contain monuments and important strategic points to control. Hagedorn does not forget about good defense. The touches of trade, research and food improvement will be part of the possibilities.

Explain how there will be three different modalities. A solo campaign and multiplayer modes, based on combat, are included. In Offensive mode, the challenges to face will be more complicated, hence it is designed for the most experienced.

Nadim Affani, game director, takes over to introduce us to the elari, the campaign faction. The idea is that no faction is stronger than the others, fleeing from disadvantages. In the skirmish modes, we can discover which one is the most suitable for our style. The elari are builders, the maru are perfectly attuned to nature, and the jorn are more than adept at attacking.

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“The better the economy, the bigger your army.” Under this premise, we see how victory in battle does not depend on the number of units, but on the combination.

It is important that the player does not feel alone on the map, which is why they have decided that the bandits occupy the land. There will be no sense of security amid the dangerous lands. Only small allied settlements will function as shelter.

The presentation ends with the art director, Edgar Bittencourt. It invites us to move through a colorful world, where everything seems to be alive. The result will be a immersive experience, which does not claim to be geographically or historically accurate. We will travel to fantasy itself, with its surroundings and monuments.

Confess how the Forgotten Lands are inspired by the countries of Eastern Europe, with their lakes. The Cursed Lands will be a walk through the warm South. The Hidden Islands will feature cold and rainy landscapes, with their dark forests and swamps.

Equality will be important The Settlers, with men and women doing the same jobs. For his part, he will bet on an ethnic plurality. will be the March 17 when it is available on PC, being able to check if everything promised is fulfilled.

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