Friday, September 30

Suda51 prepares several double A of new franchises and has had conversations with Marvel

Various members of Grasshopper Manufacture, the study by Suda51, have participated in an interview granted to Automaton Media in which they have talked about the future projects of the company because it is currently looking for new employees after the acquisition by NetEase Games. In it they have talked about the future projects they have in hand, of which we already knew that they will include three new franchises that will be published in the next ten years, and has revealed that has held meetings with Marvel Studios.

This is confirmed from WCCF Tech, which directly relate these conversations to the deadpool game (known as Masacre en Espaa) which Suda51 has admitted wanting to do on several occasions; in fact, the last we heard is that Activision asked the designer to create an adaptation of the Marvel superhero, but the project ended up failing in its early stages of development. It has not been specified whether the conversations with Marvel that Goichi Suda is talking about are about this project or not, nor if they have come to fruition, but what is clear is that the Japanese is eager to carry it out.

Double A games developed in Unreal Engine 5

What we do know is that the three new IPs that Grasshopper Manufacture is preparing for the next 10 years are going to be medium-sized games, since in the interview those responsible for the study have defined it as “double A’s”. The company currently has 30 employees and they intend to double that number in the near future. That is why they are looking for developers and different creative profiles with a series of job offers that have also given us a clue of their next projects: they are developing them in Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of the Epic Games engine.

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Little by little we are getting more information about the future that Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51 have ahead now that the saga No More Heroes has come to an end. Even so, one question remains to be answered: we will have more news of that mysterious Hotel Barcelona?

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