Saturday, May 28

Muguruza runs into an intractable Cornet and says goodbye in the second round

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Dtoo soon. Garbie Muguruza He is already out of the Australian Open after falling in the second round with Alize Cornet, number 61 in the WTA ranking that surpassed the Spanish for a double 6-3 as clear as resounding.

The French, intractable with her service for the three that the Spanish lost, left perfect tennis, seamless, with a backhand that left its mark. Cornet’s big game was coupled with a bad day for Muguruza, who had twice as many unforced errors as his opponent.

Garbie entered the match badly and started losing her first serve, a warning of what was to come… and it came. Cornet did not give a single concession and the first set fell on his side for a 6-3 with a message.

The second manga followed the same path. The French tennis player continued with her exhibition and Garbie held on as long as she could. He lost his third serve and couldn’t get it back. Cornet broke and put the icing on the cake with a blank break to close the second set and the match.

Garbie’s unexpected defeat leaves the women’s draw with two Spanish representatives in the third round, Paula Badosa Y Nuria Prrizas, who made history without playing.

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