Friday, September 30

Mercury debuts Blockbuster and Mind Vacuna • Console and Dashboard

A VHS tape and a pink cow shape Mercury’s novelties. The publisher confirms the launch of Blockbuster Y Mind Vaccine, so it will be in the next few days when they reach all stores.


Both challenges propose us to start the year in the best of companies. They are defined as two ‘party’, to be enjoyed by large groups of friends and family. They test the imagination and the herd mentality, respectively.


This novelty can be played in 20-minute games, indicated from 12 years old. We will need at least 4 participants. It is presented as the ultimate movie game, with two stages for each competition.

In the first, battle of movies, the two teams will have to give correct answers to movie challenges. For example, they should say movies that include a dog. Whoever runs out of time to answer will give advantage to the other for the next one.

Already in a second guess the movie, they will guess titles by means of a phrase, a word or the mime. The group with the most VHS tapes wins the game. We must know that Blockbuster consists of old and new films, known by all audiences.

The most nostalgic will be struck by its VHS tape format. Inside, we will find 260 movie cards and a board, as well as the manual in Spanish.

Mind Vaccine

Rich Coombes and Dan Penn sign this other ‘party’, published as Herd Mentality in its original version. In this case, we will test the ability to be part of the herd.

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Following this idea, we will have to answer the questions based on what we think the classmates will answer. For example, we would name a food with a hole in the middle, the best ice cream, a country with the letter ‘A’, or the greatest superpower of all time.

get away from the majority response It will mean being the pink cow, something that will take us away from victory. The winner will be the first to collect eight cow tokens. To enjoy between 4 and 20 players, it is indicated from 10 years. The challenges have a duration of 20 minutes. In addition to including a pink rubber cow, it consists of 80 question cards, 60 cow tokens, two answer pads and rules in Spanish.

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