Friday, September 30

McDonald’s jokes about being bought by Xbox in hilarious Twitter thread

the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft He has given much to talk about these last few days. While some companies such as Sony have raised concerns about whether the titles of the company that owns Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot u Overwatch will reach PlayStation consoles, others outside the world of video games have taken advantage of the situation to make jokes about Microsoft’s most expensive purchase. And it is that, as you can see in the following tweet attached, the world’s most popular fast food chain has joked about being bought by Xbox.

It all starts with a friendly tweet published by McDonald’s in which we can see the image of a typical serving of potatoes from their menus along with a message that urges their followers to comment with an emoticon to “steal a potato”. The official Xbox account replies to the post with said emoticon, and McDonald’s replies with a montage of a custom Xbox controller with custom buttons. Willing to follow the joke, Xbox shares the image of a red Xbox Series X, with McDonald’s motifs and with a holder for French fries as if it were a box.

McDonald’s and Microsoft have a good relationship

At this precise moment, just when McDonald’s realizes that Xbox is following the game too much, the CM decides to launch the message that has caused so much commotion: “Are you trying to buy me too?”. Despite all the fuss that has been made, it is clear that the possibility of Xbox acquiring McDonald’s in the future is rather remote. What could be the next big purchase that will turn the tables in the world of video games?

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