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League of Legends v12.2: Zeri arrives, balance changes and all the news

League of Legends, the popular MOBA from Riot Games, has already released its new patch 12.2, available from this January 20 of 2022. The game is updated one more week with the main incentive of incluir a Zeri, the new champion, as well as including a new Lunar Revel event, bringing back ARURF, and much more. Below we detail in this news what most relevant of the current version.

Champion Balance Changes

In version 12.2 of League of Legends these are all general changes suffering the champions of the game:

  • Zeri: new champion now available. Check out his skill set here.
  • Janna: Base stats and all abilities have been adjusted.
  • Lulu: W cooldown increased.
  • Nocturne: Increases health growth. Q damage ratio increased.
  • Qiyana: Base health regen decreased. Q brush zone duration decreased.
  • Rengar: R passive now allows camo jumping.
  • Samira: R base damage increased.
  • Senna: Q passive now empowers basic attacks with slows.
  • Shen: Q damage decreased.
  • Carbon black: Q slow increased. E adjusted. Damage stacked as gray health decreased (except near multiple enemies). R allies shield up. Now grants movement speed when devouring an ally.
  • Talon: W damage ratio against monsters decreased.
  • Tristana: Increases health regen and base health.
  • Weighs: Q cooldown decreased. Stacks from giant monsters and minions increased.
  • Volibear: Increases basic AD growth. E cooldown decreased.
  • Yasuo: Q damage ratio increased.
  • But: Q damage ratio increased.
  • Zed: R base damage ratio decreased.

Note that this patch also includes visual effects updates for Sona and Vayne’s character abilities.

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Item Changes

Version 12.2 includes the following changes to League of Legends objects:

lich bane

  • Prescription: now it’s with Fiendish Codex + Aether Breeze + Sheen + 550 gold (total cost doesn’t change).
  • Ability Speed: 0 ⇒ 15.
  • Enchanted Leaf Dao: 150% of the physical AD (+40% of the PH) ⇒ 75% of the physical AD (+50% of the PH).
  • Enchanted Blade Cooldown: 2,5 s ⇒ 1,5 s.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

  • Total cost: 815 gold ⇒ 415 gold (total cost reduced by the same amount)
  • Ability power: 90 ⇒ 75.
  • Life: 350 ⇒ 400.

turbo chemo tank

  • Refuel Damage Stacks (Passive): now grants 5 stacks per instance of damage dealt against monsters and champions only.
  • Refuel Move Stacks (Passive): now grants 1 stack per 15 units traveled, capped at 10 stacks per move order.

Bug fixes and quality changes

  • Fixed a bug where certain non-turret units could sometimes be targeted for Teleport before 14 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug where Unleashed Teleport would permanently replace one of the summoner spells if it was obtained and used via the Spellbook rune.
  • Unleashed Teleport spell shards are now properly dropped by champions if used after 14 minutes in a match with Zoe.
  • Fixed a bug where Yone could cast Unbound Teleport while E – Unbound Soul was active.
  • Fixed the exclamation stealth indicator and properly respawn on the champion when visible to an enemy inside the Technochemical Mist after completing certain stealth abilities (such as Akali’s W – Twilight Veil).
  • Fixed a bug where turrets were incorrectly attacking enemy champions taking damage from Kog’Maw’s Passive – Icathian Surprise or Karthus’s Passive – Death Defiance.
  • Rengar’s Passive – Unseen Predator’s jumping basic attacks will properly trigger Navori’s Swiftblade Dexterous Strikes effect.
  • Fixed a bug where taking damage from certain jungle monsters would sometimes grant stacks of the Force of Nature Absorb passive.
  • Fixed a bug where the proc of Glacial Enhance’s passive was incorrectly counting towards the proc of Eclipse’s Crescent Moon passive.
  • Fixed a bug where the borders of active or mythic item icons would sometimes appear in the wrong places (yes, the mysterious orange squares).
  • The enemy chat and mute emote buttons have been fixed and no longer overlap with other icons on the scoreboard.
  • We have corrected DJ Sona and Seraphine K/DA’s in-game music mute buttons to display correctly next to the champion icon in the scoreboard.
  • We have fixed the chat restriction notifications and they will go back to informing players how many messages are left on their limit.

Upcoming skins and chromas

On this occasion Riot Games has communicated the following new skins and chromas that will arrive throughout this version 12.2 of LoL:

  • Available from January 20, 2022: Wilted rose zeri.
  • Available from January 26, 2022: Porcelain Warding Ezreal, Porcelain Lissandra, Porcelain Amumu, Porcelain Lux, Porcelain Lux (Prestige Edition), Porcelain Kindred, Artificer Sett, Artificer Diana, Artificer Teemo, Artificer Tristana, Artificer Xin Zhao, and Brave Phoenix Xayah ( prestige edition).
  • New chrome plating: Porcelain Warding Ezreal, Porcelain Lissandra, Porcelain Amumu, Porcelain Lux, Porcelain Kindred, Artificer Sett, Artificer Diana, Artificer Teemo, Artificer Tristana, Artificer Xin Zhao, Wilted Rose Zeri, Divine Phoenix Anivia, Brave Phoenix Xayah, Seraphine Graceful Phoenix, Artificer Jinx, Artificer Vayne, and Artificer Sejuani.

You can consult the full notes of the patch from this official link. Please note that this patch also makes some changes to jungle dragons as well as in the speeds of the runa Comps total.

League of Legends is a MOBA found totally free for pc gamers. To find out more about him, you can read our analysis and if you want to get into his universe on the right foot, don’t hesitate to visit our tips and tricks guide.

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