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Jugo Mobile will produce an RPG based on ‘The Dragon Prince’

Wonderstorm has entered into a multi-year license agreement with Jugo Mobile to produce Tales of Xadia—a tabletop role-playing game series set in the rich and diverse fantasy world of the Emmy Award-nominated animated series, the dragon prince. A sneak peek of the game was revealed today on the dragon prince Panel [email protected]

Created by Aaron Ehasz (Head Writer and Co-Executive Producer of avatar the last airbender and former League of Legends Creative Director) and Justin Richmond (Game Director for unexplored 3), the dragon prince is one of the fastest growing family entertainment franchises.

In the show, an extraordinary discovery inspires two human princes and an elven assassin to unite on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. At Tales of Xadia game, players will take on the role of the characters they create to bring to life their own epic quests with friends. The experience will consist of the core role-playing game, a digital companion and toolset, a community content creation and sharing platform, and an organized game show that will give fans the opportunity to engage in a living, connected story with other players from around the world who will be directly linked to the action of the show.

“Tales of Xadia will give fans a way to participate in a new chapter of the dragon prince story,” said Adam Bradford, Executive Producer and Vice President of Tabletop at Juice Mobile. “I have eagerly enjoyed every season of the show with my family the day it comes out, and from the beginning I wanted to play and explore Xadia. I am thrilled to bring to life a game set in such a unique and captivating world.”

Based on the award-winning Cortex rule system, Tales of Xadia It will be easy to learn and rewarding to master. Players accomplish story-impacting feats of strength, mind, or magic by rolling different types of dice based on experience level with specific traits. Players can play as elves connected to the primal sources of magic or as members of the Human Kingdoms, customize their traits and special abilities, define values ​​that motivate their characters, and track everything digitally throughout the game.

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“We are always amazed at the creativity and imagination we see in the dragon prince community, and this game is the perfect match for fans who want to venture into Xadia and share adventures with friends,” said Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, co-creators of the dragon prince. “As long-time fans of tabletop RPGs, we are very excited about this collaboration with Jugo Mobile and can’t wait for all of you to see what’s to come.”

Wonderstorm and Juice Mobile were brought to the gaming table by Joe LeFavi at Genuine Entertainment, who manages the board game rights for the dragon prince and serves as managing producer on the Tales of Xadia game series

Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game will be released in 2021, with a public trial period planned beforehand. Fans can sign up for email updates about the game at

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