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Dying Light 2 boasts the size of its script: 350,000 words, as many as Anna Karenina

There are a couple of weeks left Dying Light 2 Stay Human is released (except on Nintendo Switch, whose cloud version has been delayed for six months) and Techland are working hard to remind us of the release of this long-awaited first-person zombie survival title: they recently revealed that the game will have around 500 hours of content, or at least that’s what they claim. They estimate that it will take time if we want to complete it 100%, and today they have taken out chest the size of their script.

The official Dying Light 2 Twitter account has published a new infographic in which they boast that the game’s script is made up of 350,000 words, which for dubbing purposes translates to 40,000 lines of dialogue that we will hear say to the characters that we find in the devastated world in which the adventure takes place (we do not know if this count includes the growls of the zombies or not). To complete the figure, Techland wanted to compare the script of Dying Light 2 with a famous work of universal literature: the game has as many words as Anna Karnina, the novel by the Russian writer Len Tolsti.

we have already tried Dying Light 2

This type of data helps us to get an idea of ​​the scale that the new delivery of the saga Dying Light, although on previous occasions showing off their size has played a trick on them and they have had to rectify it. In any case, from what we have been able to prove in Vandal Techland’s title is “an ambitious game (more than 400 people have worked on it) but with its feet on the ground, what it wants to do is take parkour further, create a shifting open world, alive and with pleasure to travel, improve a combat system focused on melee, offer a very different gameplay between day and night, and what has surprised us the most, putting on the table a well written story with good characters“. You can read more in our impressions.

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