Tuesday, October 4

Breathedge will have a physical format on PlayStation • Console and Board

Meridiem Games not only confirms the physical format of Breathedge for PS4 and PS5, but rather dates both versions: February 25. It proposes us to survive in space, with a hen as a faithful companion.


Pending this release, the details of the title are remembered. We know that it will combine first-person survival with humor, mainly for having the company of an immortal chicken in the midst of a space challenge.

Staying alive will depend on our ability to adapt. We will collect objects, we will make different tools, we will build vehicles and, in short, we will shed light on the mystery behind the explosion of the great spaceship. He promises to keep dark secrets.

The dangers will be a constant in the form of robots with bad tempers, unstoppable radiation and extreme temperature conditions. Managing the air supply will be essential to venture into space. As a curiosity, its protagonist calls himself The Man. He was on his way to the space graveyard with his grandfather’s coffin…


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