Tuesday, October 4

Bobby Kotick wants Microsoft to revive Guitar Hero and Skylanders

Call of Duty It is without a doubt the most talked about saga after Microsoft’s announcement that it will buy Activision Blizzard for 70,000 million dollars. But there are other franchises from the company that were hugely successful 10 years ago, and current CEO Bobby Kotick – who is expected to leave the company after the purchase is complete – has said their interest in seeing Microsoft recovering Guitar Hero Y Skylanders.

In an interview to VentureBeat, Kotick mentions these two “retired” sagas for one reason or another that he would like to see again. As for the musical saga, he cites the difficulty with the manufacture of accessories -more now with the shortage of chips-: “I wanted to make a new Guitar Hero for a long time,” says Kotick. “We don’t really have the ability to do it. I have a really good vision of what the next Guitar Hero, and I realized that we don’t have the resources“, reveals of his conversations with Phil Spencer about the future of the company in the hands of Microsoft.

He is also interested in a new Skylanders. “One of the big disappointments of my career is that other manufacturers came up with crappy alternatives. They put all these ‘shitty’ alternatives on the market and they basically destroyed it when it was a really good future opportunity“. Skylanders would also have difficulties with hardware manufacturing but “it’s the same kind of thing we couldn’t do but Microsoft could.”

Un Candy Crush ms social

Lastly, Kotick also imagines a Candy Crush ms social where players can play with each other, socialize and with voice or video chat. “There is a chance [con los elementos sociales] what we can’t do, and with the resources they have [en Microsoft] can make a difference.”

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Guitar Hero sold over 25 million copies and Skylanders sold more than 300 toys, but the last –Skylanders: Imaginators– was launched in 2016. Since then Activision Blizzard has focused its studies mainly on Call of Duty and Blizzard licenses.


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