Tuesday, October 4

Total War: MEDIEVAL II, due this spring • Console and Dashboard

Spring will bring an incentive under the arm. Feral Interactive, The Creative Assembly and SEGA will take advantage of the next season to launch Total War: MEDIEVAL II. They will bet on turn-based strategy and real-time battles.


The launch, without a specific date for now, is fixed on iOS and Android devices. It will go on sale as a complete set. In the words of those responsible, this new foray into mobile phones will offer greater depth and replayability than its predecessor.

It will draw on a marriage between massive real-time battles and the turn-based strategy that characterizes the series. There will be nuanced settlement management, a more sophisticated campaign, and additional agents conducting state business.

The great kingdoms compete for supremacy during a turbulent middle ages. Conflicts are a constant on the path to power, which we will achieve through diplomacy, conquest, benevolence or fear. Securing resources will be critical to ruling an empire stretching from the shores of Western Europe to the Arabian desert.


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