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“PlayStation has to respond”, fans ask Sony to buy more studios | LevelUp

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Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard is an unprecedented move in the industry. This will certainly boost the reach and popularity of Xbox, so many gamers believe that PlayStation and Sony must respond to this move.

After the news of the new acquisition of Microsoft was released, dozens of players filled social networks with requests for Sony, as they asked him to invest and buy studios that are still available to strengthen PlayStation.

Something similar happened when Microsoft acquired ZeniMax and took control of Bethesda. On this occasion, the community asked Sony to buy developers like Konami, Square Enix, SEGA and even companies like Take-Two.

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Players ask Sony to buy Konami and more studios in response to Microsoft

The uncertainty of what will happen once Activision Blizzard is in the hands of Xbox caused many PlayStation users to ask for a response from Sony. Posts the company made yesterday on social media were filled with messages full of requests for possible acquisitions.

There are those who believe that Sony should take advantage of its position in Japan to acquire various studios in the region, such as Konami, Square Enix and SEGA. There was also one or another clueless fan who asked for the purchase of Rockstar Games, owned by Take-Two.

In fact, they also requested the purchase of said parent company or Epic Games, ideas that many consider far-fetched and impossible. There was no lack of requests for the purchase of other studies of the stature of FromSoftware.

Names of other major developers also flooded social networks, as a large part of the community believes that Sony must do something to respond to the blow on the table that Microsoft and Xbox gave.

Other players said that this is not necessary, since PlayStation already has a group of studios that can make great games. Likewise, there was a discussion about alleged monopolistic practices in the industry.

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