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Juice Mobile Nintendo Buyer’s Guide 2021

Nintendo dominates the entertainment industry, so it’s no surprise that there are an endless number of items on the market that are perfect for any fan. Nintendo is based in Japan and has been around since 1889. Back then, it was just playing cards, but now it has grown into video games, consoles, and even a Nintendo theme park. Nintendo has an understanding of pop culture and is easily recognized by all ages. mario, The legend of Zelda, Y Pokémon They are the three big hitters and are loved by children and adults. What makes Nintendo is its handheld consoles that make it easy to play virtually anywhere. But the impact goes beyond the console, with themed toys, home goods, clothing and many more Nintendo-themed products.

With all the items available, there is no shortage of gifts to give. The hardest part is narrowing it down. Whether it’s Zelda or Mario, here are some gift ideas for the Nintendo fan in your life.

Nintendo Switch Case $14.99

With so many different games and attachments, Switch users can easily get overwhelmed with all the devices to carry around. A simple but effective solution is a switch case, suitable for carrying all those games for the gamer on the go.

Super Mario Bros White Boo Molded Coffee Mug $34.99

Mugs already make great gifts as it is something that is used almost every day. If you’re not exactly sure what to get someone, this is a safe bet. For the caffeine-addicted Mario fan, this Boo mug offers a fun twist on a practical gift. It can also be a nice gift for younger fans, as hot chocolate is a popular drink in winter. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a themed mug.

Sling for Nintendo Switch $22.98

While the classic red and blue switch controllers might be enough for some people, others might enjoy customizable skins for the entire switch, including the base. There are hundreds of different skins to choose from, so don’t limit yourself to just this one. There are options for any color, pattern or game. There are also basic options for those who are more unsure of what to buy.

Mario Monopoly $29.97

Mario has taken on various roles throughout his life, and the Monopoly game sums that up. Monopoly is one of those games that is fun to play with everyone and can be a great collectible. For those of you who love to play off-screen from time to time, this is the article for you.

Nintendo – Game and Watch: The legend of Zelda $49.99

Hardcore fans will go crazy for this Legend of Zelda pocket game. Game & Watch has a special 35th anniversary release, commemorating the original Zelda game. It’s a new twist on a classic retro game. Legend of Zelda fans will appreciate this tribute to the original game, and it might bring some nostalgia to older fans. Players will come face to face with the creatures that inspired future enemies like Moblins or Ganon! It might be interesting to compare what is now known as Ganon, as he has always been THE bad guy in most Zelda games. Everyone was once from humble beginnings.


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