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Influencers organize their own Squid Game; the winner will get $100,000 USD | LevelUp

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Squid Game, known in Latin America and other regions as The Squid Game, is a South Korean series that conquered the hearts of millions of people with its engaging narrative and memorable aesthetics. Not only did it manage to become the most successful series in Netflix history within a few weeks of its premiere, but it has also already inspired endless parodies across the internet.

The most recent recreation of this global Netflix phenomenon will take us into the virtual world of Minecraft and will feature the participation of several of the most important Spanish-speaking influencers of the moment. That’s right, we’re talking about Squidcraft Game, an event that will put more than 100 content creators to compete and will give away $100,000 USD to the winner.

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The Squid game comes to Minecraft thanks to Rubius and Auronplay

Certainly, in recent months, massive events organized by streamers have become an increasingly common practice, something that is not surprising if we consider the scope and impact they achieve in the streaming ecosystem. We already saw it earlier this year with the success of EGOLAND 2 and now Squidcraft Game is shaping up to break it on Twitch.

This event is organized by the streamers Rubius, Auronplay and Komanche, who partnered with Twitch Rivals to carry out the ambitious project. It is worth noting that each of the stages and mini-games was the work of a talented modder from Minecraft.

Now, what are the participants of Squidcraft Game? As we already anticipated, 150 content creators will meet at this event. We can find high profile personalities like Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, Xokas, AriGameplays, Juan Guarnizo, Folagor, Luzu and Zorman, to name a few.

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Just like in the South Korean series, content creators will participate in a series of games until, in the end, there is only one winner. The tournament will recreate the 6 challenges that appeared on the show, as well as another 6 that were chosen for the occasion.

Squidcraft Game began this Wednesday, January 19, and will run until January 24. It is possible to watch the event from the Twitch channels of all the participants.

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But tell us, what do you think of this initiative? Which streamer do you support? Let us read you in the comments.

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