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How to ping enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction has several layers of mechanics that you will become familiar with as you play through more missions. Many of them are based on teamwork, such as the ping function. You can ping a location to tell teammates to move towards it, indicate where a useful item is, or show the position of an enemy. However, the game doesn’t explain how to do this, so we put together this guide for pinging enemies, locations, and everything else.

Aim at the enemy and press the ping button

Screenshot of Juice Mobile

In order to ping something, you first need to find it and place your reticule on it, be it a weapon or the recon drone’s camera. The ping button is the top button on the D-pad on PlayStation, and it’s probably similar on Xbox controllers, although you can change it to be whatever you want on a PC. Then once your target is in sight, press that button and it will ping.

With this ping, you can complete many of the studies that appear throughout the game to ping nests, useful items for operators, and unknown enemy types like the Bloater. Of course, you’ll have to use your knowledge of the game to solve some of these objectives, like making sure an enemy doesn’t notice or targeting nests in specific locations.

If you ping enemies with your recon drone, you get extra experience points at the end of a mission for killing them. Scanned and marked enemies always count towards bonus experience, helping you boost your Operator and overall progression level higher.

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