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How to archive your streams on Twitch

With all the content available on Twitch, it’s no wonder users want to take some of their content offline, either to watch it later or to work with it in a video editing program.

Fortunately, depending on your membership level, you can archive your videos for a fixed period of time after streaming. If you are a free user, you can archive your Twitch videos for 14 days. If you’re a Twitch Prime user, you can archive your videos for up to 60 days. You can also download your videos to save them forever.

Let’s take a quick look at how to archive streams on Twitch

The difference between clips and videos

First, you need to understand the differences between Twitch clips and videos.

Streamers must enable the ability to archive their streams; it is not automatically enabled by default. Once you or your favorite streamer has enabled the ability to save your streams to your own channel, there are still limits to how that content is saved.

Once you or another user has enabled auto-archiving on your videos, your videos will appear saved on your page for 14 days for regular streamers. If you have Amazon Prime, you can upgrade to Twitch Prime to get 60-day archive access; Alternatively, if you became a Twitch Partner, your streams will also be archived for sixty days.

Highlights are different than videos. If a highlight is saved to your account, it lasts forever, as opposed to 14 or 60 days for standard accounts.

That said, highlights are much longer than a clip and often take up entire videos at once. Meanwhile, the clips are only up to sixty seconds long, typically between 30 and 60 seconds, depending on how the content was edited. Highlights are made by the creator or specifically chosen editors, but clips can be created by anyone who wants to save content to their own page.

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Clips from other streamers that you create are saved directly to your own account within your clip manager, allowing you to save content directly to your own page.

In general, archived videos on Twitch are a bit confusing. Between videos, highlights, and clips, there are three different levels of content saved on a streamer’s page.

How to archive your streams on Twitch

Twitch’s focus on live streaming means they tend to keep the experience focused on what’s currently live, as opposed to older streams. So to make sure you keep your streams archived in your account, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Sign in to Twitch and select Settings on your dashboard.
  2. Check the box next to Store past broadcasts in Streaming Preferences.

This will enable that storage option for your videos. We need to do this first so we can archive your streams on Twitch. You can go ahead and stream now and your videos will be automatically archived for 14 or 60 days.

View Archived Videos on Twitch

Once you have a bunch of videos that you’ve streamed, you’ll want to know where to go to find them, right?

Fortunately, they are available on your Twitch Dashboard like most other settings. You can then access the Videos menu on the left panel of the page and you should see a list of all the videos you have archived.

Download clips from Twitch

If you’ve found a clip you want to download, there are a few steps you can take to get it done.

Although Twitch no longer allows you Download videos directly from the website, there is a workaround you can use that involves using an ad blocker like AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin. For this article, we use uBlock Origin in Google Chrome.

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To get started, save a clip you want to download to your own account or find the clip on someone else’s page. Is solo it works with clips, so make sure the segment you’re downloading is sixty seconds or less in length.

Start by opening your ad blocker settings on your device by right clicking the icon in your browser and selecting options. This will open a tab for your blocker within your browser, where you can edit or save settings at will.

Look for the “My Filters” setting in your ad blocker. For uBlock Origin users, it is the “My Filters” tab; for AdBlock Plus users, it’s in the advanced menu options. You will then need to create two custom filters for two separate links on Twitch.

Once you’re in the custom filters tab, copy and paste these two links into your blocker’s filter editor:


Apply your changes and exit the settings page. Refresh Twitch and find the clip you want to download. Whenever you find a clip, you can now right-click on the clip within the video player and select “Save Video As…”

This will download the video to your computer as an mp4 file. These clips are downloaded in their full resolutions and look great for playback, editing, and uploading.

Again, if you try to do this on a video that isn’t a clip, you’ll have trouble getting the job done, so make sure you only stick to the right clips and not actual videos, highlights, and archives that can be several hours long.

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Export videos directly to YouTube

You can also export Twitch videos directly to YouTube.

You will need to have your Twitch and YouTube accounts linked before trying this for it to work. To link the accounts, go to Settings in Twitch and Connections. Check the box next to YouTube Export Files and add your account.

  1. Navigate to Video Manager from the menu to access the list of videos you have created.
  2. Select Past broadcasts and more.
  3. Select Export. Select a title and any settings you want to add.
  4. Set the privacy options, Public or Private.
  5. Select the Export button.

Depending on the time of day, this process may take a while. What you end up with is a video accessible via YouTube that will stay there as long as you need it to.

final thoughts

Whether you’re looking to download short clips from your favorite streamers or you want to save your own full six-hour streams for offline storage, it’s pretty easy to download content from Twitch.

While we’d love to see an official offline streaming and download option for Twitch Prime users added in the future, as long as you have a Windows PC at home, it’s easier than ever to save Twitch streams directly to your PC once once have been put online.

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