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Fuenla expels its radicals

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Mimportant movement at an institutional level within the Fuenlabrada Football Club. The Azulona entity has announced the expulsion of the Peña Old School Fuenlabrada, whose members will no longer be able to access the Fernando Torres with immediate effect.

The latest incidents and behavior of members of this rock are at the antipodes of the values ​​of sport

official club statement

The group also will no longer be recognized as an official club supporter. Up to now, its members sat in the Animation Stand of the stadium of the club in the south of Madrid, located in one of the bottoms of Torres. According to an official statement issued by the club, “the latest incidents and behavior of members of this supporters club are at the antipodes of the values ​​of sport.” Thus, from Fuenla he remarks that Old School has “exceeded limits that cannot be crossed in the stands of a football stadium”.

violent episodes

The Azulona entity emphasizes that, in the match on matchday 22 against Ibiza, members of the rock faceron “with other animation groups who did not want to support them in derogatory songs against the club and the team”. In addition, the club defends that just four days later, in the Copa del Rey match between Fuenla and Cádiz, “The National Police had to retain” the members of this group “to prevent more serious incidents from occurring with other supporters’ clubs at the exit or in the vicinity of the Fernando Torres.”Football stadiums are places to enjoy the spectacle of sport and there is no room for violence or intolerance,” they explain from the entity.

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Now, despite the fact that season ticket holders have “broken” the rules that season ticket holders must comply with, the club will return the proportional part of the season ticket to the Old School members. In recent months, from the rock they had charged against the club harshly on several occasions. “Since October 2021, 16 games without a win and only three victories, two of them in the Copa del Rey, in addition to being in relegation positions. As fans and club subscribers we ask for explanations and solutions to this management and situation that we are experiencing” , manifested from the group a few days ago, on their social networks.

Objectives in the winter market

On the other hand, the Fuenlabrada is fully involved in the winter market. for now, The defensive midfielder Mikel Agu and forward Mohamed Bouldini have arrived at Fernando Torres, both from the First Division of Portugal. However, from the azulón club they are working to reinforce other positions.

The main priorities, in this sense, go through incorporate another forward and a player for the defense. Preferably, one that can also act for the left side. The sports management of the entity in the south of Madrid has in mind to reinforce these two areas yes or yes. What’s more, as MARCA has learned, the azulón team has both a striker and a defender on the radar with proven experience in the First and Second Spanish, and on whose signings they are working piecemeal.

We cannot think of other positions, because we have to look askance at the salary limit

Melgar, sports director

“Now, the priority and urgency are those positions. We cannot think of other positions, because we have to look askance at the salary limit”, said Fuenla sports director, Miguel Melgar. Therefore, for soccer players to arrive in other plots, they would first have to The footballers who do not fit into Sergio Pellicer’s plans, who would release licenses and wage bills, leave.

As we already have in MARCA, the club is trying to release the midfielders Nuno Pina, Arturo Molina and Aldair Fuentes, to the front Franco Soldano and goalkeeper Javier Belman. In addition, according to information handled by this medium, midfielder Stéphane Mbia will also leave Fuenlabrada in this winter window. His future could be in Turkey.

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