Tuesday, October 4

Carlo Ancelotti’s press conference prior to Elche, live

A from 1:00 p.m., once the training is over, Carlo Ancelotti cater to the media. will be the subject of interest Elche-Real Madrid of eighths of the Copa del Rey (Thursday, 7:00 p.m.) or the winter transfer market.

If they have prevented Hazard from undergoing surgery to come out in winter

No, we haven’t talked about this. About the plaque, really, I don’t know. He hasn’t discussed it with the doctor because he would have told me. I think this issue is forgotten for Hazard.

Hazard and Bale

It is true that the two have had many setbacks due to injuries. Hazard has been doing well for a month and a half from a physical point of view. I don’t have to advise Hazard, he has the character and the experience to choose the best for him. The quality of the two could have helped us more, but it is only the first part of the season. Hopefully the second can be better.

If you prefer any outing this January

The management of this squad is not complicated, the players are very serious, the atmosphere is very good among them. I have not had any problem with anyone and I will not have it because their professionalism is very high, I have to say it, really. The staff, by character and personality of each one, is capable of having a very positive atmosphere.

Hazard and Bale

Nothing strange has happened between us, simply that there is competition and the coach, which is me, has to choose the best for each game. I try to be fair and choose the best. Sometimes you are very good and you don’t play; I’m also talking about Nacho, Ceballos, Isco, Jovic…

Hazard’s departure in January

At the moment he is still a Madrid player, he is training, focused… We have nothing else to think about.


Tomorrow is a tie, we want to continue and I’m going to put the best team possible. Evaluate the fatigue of those who played on Sunday night, traveled…

Ancelotti, at a press conference

Vinicius’s physique

I think he has to stop when we see him tired, when he can’t show his quality on the pitch or when he’s injured. Give him rest because maybe in two months he will be tired, no. If it gets tired in two months, I’ll change it; now, really, I don’t see him tired, so I think he can play.


It’s fine. He has not come to Arabia, he has trained here and is available. Being in the call and everyone who is there has the chance to play from the beginning, after the start… It can also happen that they don’t play.


It’s not serious, just an illness for a few days. I’m sure it will arrive by Sunday. I can’t say more for your privacy.

Hazard’s situation

Nothing has happened, only that there is competition in the team and I have to choose the best in each game. This affects many players, I can’t deny it. Nothing has happened, he is training and waiting for the coach’s call. I think be ready when it arrives.

His deal with Gento

I found it a few times in the first stage, in this second not. I have spoken with his wife and she has told me anecdotes. He was a very simple person, like the ones I usually like.

Difficult opponent and casualties

It is a final, a tie that gives us great hope, like all competitions. We need to be prepared because Elche are in good dynamics, having won seven of the last ten games. Today we had an indisposition of Courtois, who will not be able to play the game. We also have the casualties of Asensio, Vallejo Mariano and Carvajal.

Add to Gento

I wanted to start with a memory for our Paco Gento, an unrepeatable figure who will remain forever in our hearts.

1:20 p.m. Ancelotti delayed

The Italian coach has not yet appeared in the press room. His appearance was scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

12:45. Several casualties in the group

The injured Asensio and Vallejo, who worked alone on the pitch, did not train with their teammates. Neither Mariano, also injured, nor Courtois, who trained inside the facilities.

11:00. The session begins in Valdebebas

The players exercise for the last time before the Cup match.


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