Tuesday, October 4

1212: Las Navas de Tolosa joins the Draco Ideas 300 • Console and Tabletop

Draco Ideas continues with its program Los 300 de Draco Ideas, to which it is now added 1212: Las Navas de Tolosa. We are facing a system made up of games whose production starts when a certain number of reservations is reached.


1212: Las Navas de Tolosa appears as a tactical mini wargame, created and illustrated by Pablo Sanz. Its reservation phase is open by the publisher, offering free shipping costs to Spain and a payment that will not start until manufacturing begins. The price is 19 euros.

In games of 30 minutes duration, 2 players will test the asymmetry. The action takes place in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, as anticipated in the title itself, putting us in the shoes of the Muslim and Christian sides.

Draco Ideas advances that chance will be limited, unlike the effort to achieve victory. It will use a system of action points and a resolution of battles without dice, offering the ability to change history in quick encounters and deployments.

In the skin of the combatants, we will live the battle of the Reconquest. It will be the cards that determine the initiative, the action points and the result of the battle. Thus, we will find a deck of nine cards, with their different values ​​for each side.

Each round starts with three cards in hand. We will download one as an initiative to find out who plays first. It will be time to alternate to use the remaining cards, already as action points. We must know that the actions present different costs and effects depending on the side that executes them, hence the asymmetry.

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Without going any further, Christian infantry attacks cost two action points, compared to one point for Muslim infantry. With them, the former would add two points to the result of the card used in combat; the seconds would subtract one, so the damage would be less.

Continuing with the asymmetry, Christian units would have advantages when activated with cards that show the king’s shield. The Almohad side would have a free Tornafuye action, with which to resort to a counterattack after an enemy cavalry charge. The Black Guard and the Jihad Volunteers would be some of their special units.

This challenge is presented in a small box. One will be added to the basic mode advanced. In it, some units are closely related to events. As a curiosity, it was the winner of the 9 Card Game Print and Play Design Contest award, from the BGG.


Along with this announcement, Draco Ideas confirms how they will be present at the Bellota Con, held in Badajoz this week. New catalog, at the same time that they increase the series BEpic Historical Shortcuts by Tristan Hall (1565: The Siege of Malta and 1066: The Battle of Hastings) with a third title in Spanish, 1815: The Battle of Waterloo.

For its part, 300: Earth and Water it has exceeded 300 reserves, hence it is already in the factory. The launch is estimated between the months of April and May. Fury at Midway, by the same author, will also be added to the publisher’s catalogue. This 2-player wargame will feature hidden moves and a solo mode.

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Warfighter Y B-17 Leader are in the manufacturing phase. On the other hand, shipments of 2 Minutes to Midnight would start in March. Also in March (on the 15th) the Kickstarter campaign for LOAD! Traianus.

With regard to Eclipse Editorial, a publishing house with which he collaborates closely, it is remembered that the campaign in Verkami from Turbo Town Y Knock out! is about to end, with its goal already exceeded. The manufacturing phase ends Nexum Galaxy, while Nakum it also takes the last steps until its launch.


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