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Xbox Game Pass: these games will say goodbye to the service at the end of the month | LevelUp

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The end of January is approaching and with it the rotation of Xbox Game Pass content. The service will offer many great games at the end of the month and the good news is that only 4 titles will say goodbye to its catalog.

Through Xbox Wire, Microsoft confirmed the list of games that have their days numbered on the service. So you have little time left to enjoy some outstanding indies that have been on the platform for months, as they will say goodbye right at the end of January.

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What games will say goodbye to Xbox Game Pass soon?

Fortunately, January will be a quiet month in terms of games leaving the service. Despite this, we have bad news for you if you were enjoying Cyber Shadow, as it will be one of the games that Xbox Game Pass will abandon.

As we mentioned, this time we have pure indie games, so you should add to the list proposals such as Nowhere Prophet Y Prison Architect. Finally, we recommend that you hurry to finish Xeno Crisis.

The titles will no longer be available from the service for console, PC and mobile through the cloud on January 31. So you still have a few days to enjoy them or to purchase them at a discount if you are an active subscriber of the service. Below is the list:

  • Cyber Shadow (console, PC and cloud)
  • Nowhere Prophet (console, PC and cloud)
  • Prison Architect (PC)
  • Xeno Crisis (console, PC and cloud)

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We recommend you visit this link to find out all the news related to Xbox Game Pass and its games.

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